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Momentum: Moving toward a future without cancer.

  • Research that’s Practice Changing Paradigm Shifting & Policy Creating

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    Research that’s Practice Changing Paradigm Shifting & Policy Creating
  • On the Ball

    “I’m engaged with cancer, but I’m not defined by it,” says former Big Ten commissioner Jim Delany.

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    On the Ball
  • Destination Care

    Patients travel from afar to Vanderbilt-Ingram for innovative therapies

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    Destination Care
  • Shared Experience

    As a childhood cancer survivor, pediatric oncologist Jason Schwartz uniquely relates to his patients

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    Shared Experience
  • Friendly Face

    Charlotte Ladd is ‘once in a lifetime’ volunteer

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    Friendly Face
  • Outreach

    Vanderbilt-Ingram Engages Far Beyond Clinic Walls to Listen and Meet Community Needs

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  • Cracking the Colon Cancer Conundrum

    Researchers reflect on 20 years of successes

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    Cracking the Colon Cancer  Conundrum
  • Hidden Risks

    Researchers seek reasons behind breast cancer disparities

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    Hidden Risks
  • Empathetic Mindset

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    Empathetic Mindset
  • Sarcoma Sisterhood

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    Sarcoma  Sisterhood


Day in Life

People experienced with a cancer journey often become patient advocates. Their advocacy includes serving in organizations that promote research and education, increasing awareness through social media and providing guidance and support for newly diagnosed patients.   Diagnosed with prostate cancer in 2014 and successfully treated at Vanderbilt in 2015, Ira Baxter now volunteers as executive […]

Spotlight: Cholangiocarcinoma

C-H-O-L-A-N-G-I-O-C-A-R-C-I-N-O-M-A. Anne Wolfe asked the doctor to spell it out. She had come to see Kamran Idrees, M.D., a surgical oncologist at Vanderbilt-Ingram Cancer Center (VICC) knowing that she had a malignancy in her liver, but she didn’t know the type of cancer that had secretly invaded the organ. “He looked at me and said […]

My Story

Try to sing this to the tune of “Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious:”  Auto-immune slash cancer disease With a half-decent prognosis Plays hell with my skin and Gave to me a brain tumor atrocious At least of all these nasty things I don’t have halitosis I have got the Langerhans Cell Histiocytosis! Um-dittle-ittl I’m not gonna die Um-dittle-ittl I’m not gonna die  LCH is my rare disease. […]

Picture This

Pierre Massion, MD, Cornelius Vanderbilt Chair and Professor of Medicine, an internationally known expert on early detection and prevention strategies for lung cancer, died April 4 of an apparent heart attack. He was 58. Dr. Massion was director of the Cancer Early Detection and Prevention Initiative and co-leader of the Cancer Health Outcomes and Control […]


Three-dimensional scanning and printing systems are now utilized for purposes ranging from same-day dental crowns to prosthetic limbs, so Michael Topf, MD, wondered why computer-aided design (CAD) technology hadn’t made it into operating rooms as a visual aid for real-time consultations.  Surgeons communicate via phone and are dependent upon verbal descriptions from pathologists for guidance […]