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Winter 2018 Issue

Momentum: Moving toward a future without cancer.


Day in Life

  On the third Monday of each month, a large conference room at Vanderbilt Health One Hundred Oaks whirs with activity and is all business — the business of sewing. Shortly before 10 a.m., a small army of women quietly enters the sliding doors of the Nashville healthcare complex, toting and wheeling the tools of […]

Spotlight: Prostate Cancer

“When it’s you, it’s a whole different feeling,” Orrin Ingram said, gazing at logs burning in the fireplace. A black Labrador puppy slept near his feet. Outside the window of his farmhouse, the remnants of a January snow slowly melted. “I never really thought that at 57 years old that I would be diagnosed with […]

My Story

  Hi, my name is Katie. I have a brain tumor — please don’t be shocked. It sounds worse than it is. Or maybe it really is as bad as it sounds. It is hard to tell people you have a brain tumor. Sometimes they get a glazed look on their faces. I get it. […]