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Summer/Fall 2020 Issue

Momentum: Moving toward a future without cancer.

  • Leadership Transitions

    Ann Richmond praised for nurturing research education; David Cortez and Debra Friedman named associate directors

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    Leadership  Transitions
  • Unraveling a Viral Maze

    Vanderbilt experts lead international efforts to understand how COVID-19 affects cancer patients

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    Unraveling a Viral Maze
  • The GVHD tightrope

    New drugs help physicians balance treatments

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    The  GVHD  tightrope
  • ‘Why not me?’

    Clinical trial participation powers patient’s positive attitude

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    ‘Why not me?’
  • Handed Down

    Risk factors revealed for hereditary prostate cancer

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    Handed Down


Picture This

Before the first COVID-19 cases were documented in Tennessee or Kentucky, Vanderbilt University Medical Center had a plan in place to keep providing highly specialized care in a safe environment for its patients. That plan has extra safeguards for cancer patients. People who come to Vanderbilt-Ingram Cancer Center enter and exit through automated doorways and […]


Dona Potter rode Harleys and drove 18-wheelers back when men dominated the open highways, and she is still defying expectations. The 87-year-old from Tullahoma, Tennessee, has proven that age is not a barrier to tolerating and benefiting from chimeric antigen receptor cell therapy (CAR-T), a new immunotherapy that entails re-engineering a patient’s T cells to […]

My Story

I had been studying breast cancer for more than 20 years when I was diagnosed with invasive ductal carcinoma. My professional life was filled with hours of watching tumor cells grow and spread on plastic dishes, marveling as they branched and blebbed in three-dimensional matrices, monitoring the size of lumps from spontaneous or transplanted breast […]