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Spring 2012 Issue

Momentum: Moving toward a future without cancer.

  • Weighing the Odds

    Is Obesity Tipping the Scales Toward Cancer?

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    Weighing the Odds
  • Shape the Future

    Donors Key to Progress at Vanderbilt-Ingram Cancer Center

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    Shape the Future
  • War On: Melanoma

    "War on Cancer" Marches Forward Against Deadliest Skin Cancer

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    War On: Melanoma
  • From Good to Great

    Quality in Cancer Care

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    From Good to Great


A Closer Look

Biostatisticians like Xi (Steven) Chen, Ph.D., are integral to cancer research, especially in the modern genomics era.


Michael Greene had one of the most aggressive and rapidly fatal forms of brain cancer: a glioblastoma. His parents are now continuing the fight against the disease by supporting research at Vanderbilt-Ingram.

Stories of Survival

From the personal digital camera with which she discovered her tonsil cancer to the multimillion dollar “cameras” she sold professionally, photography has played an important part in Debra Sheridan’s life and cancer journey.