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Fall 2013 Issue

Momentum: Moving toward a future without cancer.

  • Global Impact

    Vanderbilt University researchers are scouring the world to reveal the secrets of cancer.

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    Global Impact
  • Melanoma Tissue Repository

    Photos of the melanoma tissue repository show how VICC uses donated tumor tissue in research

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    Melanoma Tissue Repository
  • Untangling RAS

    An “undruggable” cancer-causing protein, 30 years of research and the national initiative that aims to finally make the connections

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    Untangling RAS
  • Center of Attention

    Prostate cancer survivors step into the spotlight to take outcomes research in a new direction

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    Center of Attention


A Closer Look

This fall, Anne Washburn and her sister Rachel ran a half marathon in memory of their mother Sharon, who died from pancreatic cancer 25 years ago. “I know 25 years is just a number, but it’s a time of reflection. I’m turning 46 and that’s as long as her life was. I think how thankful […]

Spotlight On: Head and Neck Cancer

Lori Stegner has spent most of her life entertaining audiences, starting with family and friends during her childhood.

Stories of Survival

M y cancer story is not unique, not special in any way. But telling my story is a form of therapy for me—a way to exorcise some of the less pleasant details of an unexpected journey and exalt some important things I learned along the way.