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Winter 2018 Issue

Momentum: Moving toward a future without cancer.


Day in Life

For many patients of the Vanderbilt Breast Center, their first direct contact with the clinic is a pre-appointment telephone call from Norma Campbell, R.N., one of the center’s two nurse coordinators.  “Sometimes these patients are just really, really afraid, or they just want to put a face to a name, and during this call they’ll […]

Spotlight: Bladder Cancer

In early 2014, Mary Beth Ballard and her husband, Chris Murray, were searching for their first home together in Middle Tennessee when she noticed something she initially dismissed as a sign of a minor infection—a small amount of blood in her urine.    Between house hunting and a new job, her schedule was hectic. The blood […]

My Story

I have been through a storm. And I don’t just mean any storm. I mean a tsunami.  A tsunami generally consists of a series of waves with periods ranging from minutes to hours occurring in a so-called wave train. That’s what having ovarian cancer felt like to me. It was waves of different emotions, waves […]