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Winter 2016 Issue

Momentum: Moving toward a future without cancer.

  • Smart Steering

    Finding the path to clinical trials

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    Smart Steering
  • Heart Matters

    Keeping cancer drugs from causing cardiac damage

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    Heart Matters
  • The Grant Chase

    Shrinking budgets cramp discovery

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    The Grant Chase


A Closer Look

It’s been nearly 20 years since Linda McVay was given 44 pages of job listings for Vanderbilt University Medical Center. Determined, she read every single one hoping to find anything related to oncology. Finally on page 43 she saw the words she was searching for—medical oncology. McVay was working in a dental office after having […]

Spotlight on Cancer: Lung Cancer

After two years of worrying about a nodule in her lung, Emmy Edwards said yes to surgery. She could have flipped a coin had the stakes been smaller. A nonsmoker, Edwards had been more worried about heart disease than lung cancer when the tiny lesions showed up during a cardiac CT scan. They were in […]

Stories of Survival

I deliberately tie the hospital gown two ways, left over right, right over left to see which best covers my mastectomy scar before exiting the changing room. As I open the door, my prosthetic breast falls out of the bra’s mesh pouch in the plastic bag provided for my belongings. I don’t want anyone to […]