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About the National Cancer Moonshot

June 2, 2016

This year, more than 1.6 million new cases of cancer will be diagnosed, and cancer will kill an estimated 600,000 Americans. Cancer research has reached an inflection point—a juncture where medical scientists are at the cusp of breakthroughs that could dramatically change those numbers. The National Cancer Moonshot initiative is being launched with $1 billion to accelerate that research.

Prevention and Cancer Vaccine Development

Speed up the development, evaluation and optimization of cancer vaccines


Early Cancer Detection

Invest in the development of minimally invasive screening assays that use genomic and proteomic technologies to detect cancer markers


Cancer Immunotherapy and Combination Therapy

Extend the early successes of immunotherapy; develop and test new combination therapies


Genomic Analysis of Tumor and Surrounding Cells

Reach a greater understanding of the genetic changes that occur within the cancer cell, in surrounding cells and in immune cells responding to the cancer.


Enhanced Data Sharing

Break down the barriers between institutions, including public and private sectors.


Oncology Center of Excellence

Develop a virtual Oncology Center of Excellence to expedite the development of novel combination products and to support an integrated approach to cancer prevention, new treatment tools and diagnostic devices and promote precision medicine.


Pediatric Cancer

Find new therapies for childhood cancers, intensify efforts to collect and analyze tumor specimens from the rarest of childhood cancers, and improve the sharing of clinical data.


Vice President’s Exceptional Opportunities in Cancer Research Fund

Establish competitive funding mechanism for high-risk, high-return research through partnerships with philanthropic organizations and representatives of the biotechnology and pharmaceutical industries.